supercharge your revenue with high-performing WooCommerce conversion Funnels

We eliminate the friction points in your purchase process and create a scalable growth system that amplifies purchases within just 3 months.

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Boost revenue without ad spend Improved conversions Optimized conversions Improved average order value Capture more leads Improved user experience Increased purchase frequency Improved retention Happier customers

The bad news

your store is leaking revenue right now

On average only 2-3% of your site visitors will convert into a purchase. That means as much as 98% of people visiting your site will leave without ever buying a thing.

Think of the journey that people take through your site like water flowing through a pipe. Any cracks or blockages in that pipe can cause leaks and lead to disaster. Same with your shopping experience. Any errors, missing information or friction points can cause visitors to bounce resulting in:

Alert Triangle Streamline Icon: https://streamlinehq.comHigh Cart Abandonment
Alert Triangle Streamline Icon: https://streamlinehq.comLow ROAS
Alert Triangle Streamline Icon: https://streamlinehq.comLow Conversions

doing the usual won’t fix it

Pumping more money into ads doesn’t scale And constant sales are hurting your brand

Pumping more money into your ads will not solve your problem. Even worse, the onslaught of sales and coupons makes your brand look cheap.

To scale your store, you need to spend the time optimizing the entire customer journey, clearing roadblocks, enforcing trust, and making it as easy as possible for people to make a purchase.

You need a predictable and reliable growth system that encompasses on-site and off-site optimization utilizing ads, emails and more.

that’s where we can help

We build personalized shopping experiences that systematize growth & amplify your sales

Having spent over a decade optimizing stores, analyzing user behavior, data, and running millions in ads, we’ve cracked the code at scalable growth for WooCommerce.

We do that by building you a holistic, multi-touch sales funnel that nurtures visitors and guides them to make larger purchases on a repeat basis.

We know what works for Woo, what doesn’t and can help you build the system that grows your empire.

Check Circle 1 Streamline Icon: https://streamlinehq.comIncreased conversions
Check Circle 1 Streamline Icon: https://streamlinehq.comHigher AOV
Check Circle 1 Streamline Icon: https://streamlinehq.comHigher ROAS

Resulting in massive gains for our partners

On average, every client receives a lift in multiple areas of your business.

Average ROI

On average our clients get a 4X return on investment within 3-6 months after working with us.

Average Revenue Increase

On a 30-day average our clients revenue grow 240% after working with us.

Average Email Revenue Increase

On average our clients experience a 510% growth in email-driven revenue.

Our 6-phase Growth formula

We work in six defined phases over a course of three months to create your optimized sales system.

Phase 1

Audit and Funnel mapping

We identify what’s working, what’s not, and create a strategy funnel map to define what we’ll build.

Understand the current state of the ecommerce funnel.
Identify key areas for improvement.
Develop a comprehensive funnel map.

Phase 2

post purchase Optimization

We begin to increase customer retention, boost lifetime value, and turn your customers into loyal advocates

Improve customer retention and lifetime value.
Enhance the post-purchase customer experience.

Phase 3

Bottom of funnel optimization

We then start optimizing your purchase process and ensure more people are making it across the finish line.

Optimize conversion rates at the bottom of the funnel.
Ensure a seamless and persuasive checkout process.

Phase 4

middle of funnel optimization

We focus on nurturing leads and building relationships with potential customers.

Nurture leads and build relationships with potential customers.
Increase engagement and move leads closer to purchase.

Phase 5

top of funnel optimization

We attract and capture potential customers by enhancing brand awareness and driving targeted traffic to your site.

Attract and capture potential customers.
Craft high-converting landing pages.
Increase brand awareness and drive traffic to the site.

Phase 6

Ongoing optimization

We continue to optimize your store on a month-to-month basis.

Ongoing Meta & Google ads management.
Ongoing conversion optimization services.
Ongoing Klaviyo/email optimization services.

The perks

Leveraging our Unique tools & skillsets

We have a unique arsenal of tools, skillsets and partnerships that we leverage to optimize your store.
WooCommerce Expertise

Over 15,000 hours of WooCommerce expertise. We understand the best pathways, workflows and ways to accomplish your goals.

AI-powered data analysis

We harness advanced analytics and AI for profound insights into consumer behavior and trends.

Proprietary in-house software

We’ve utilize premium plugins and custom scripts that we’ve built and maintain to scale your growth.

Growth tactic database

We maintain a database of over 300 proven strategies and tactics that we leverage for your growth.

Partnerships & network

Being in the ecommerce game for 10 years we’ve built a strong foundation of partnerships among our peers.

Ecom reference library

Competitive research is easy with our library of over 12,000 ecommerce sites, emails, and ads across multiple verticals.

Hi! 👋 We’re FunnelOps, your new WooCommerce growth partner

We’re a boutique WooCommerce development and growth agency headquartered in San Diego, CA. 

We’ve spent almost a decade working to build, grow and optimize WooCommerce brands. From bootstrapped solopreneurs to multi-national luxury brands, we’ve seen and done it all. Over the years we’ve polished our processes and perfected the methods to grow 8+ figure stores.

When you work with us, we treat you as our partner and treat your business as our business, your customers as our customers. So if you win, we win. As such, our aim is to create the best possible experience for your customers and slingshot your revenue to new heights.

100+ Projects Delivered
10+ Years of Expertise
Focused on your ROI

How we’re different

Included in ever plan we provide the following benefits to help optimize and improve your store
Unlimited Dev
WooCommerce expertise


10+ Years Senior
1-5 Business days


Roll of the dice


Roll of the dice
Forced contract

Let’s get your revenue amplified today

Ready to take your store’s revenue to the next level? Let’s work together.
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